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From: "Hal Ledbetter" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Ancestry by DNA: my results
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 12:21:40 -0600
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Alan, I sent this once direct to your address, and had it returned with
unknown address. Due to this, I am trying again along with sending it to
Genealogy DNA at

I wish to thank you for your reply and patience. I am a novice at
this DNA Genealogy.

I attempted to put my results into the form that you listed, but at the
bottom of the page it has "error on page". I can force it into the form,
but all of the results come back zero. Suggestions???

>From what I have found, the Ledbetters went with or followed William the
Conqueror to England, from France, then aparently the line goes on back to
Northern Germany.

The Assize Rolls of Warwickshire lists an Ingald Leabater in 1221. This is
the earliest listing that I have. Another name is Gounild De Lebete in
Buckinghamshire in 1248, and was still there in 1273.

According to what I have, the Ledbetter home is in Durham County, England.
What part of England is that located?

Does this sound possible to you?


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> > How can you deterine the percentage of what nationality? Here is my
> >I am from Illinois. My family has been there since early 1800's. My
> > has been in the USA since the 1700's


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