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I couldn't get the url to work it
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I've posted my interviews with Steve Olson, Dr. Barbujani, Bryan Sykes, Alan
Savin, Dr. Batsheva Bonne-Temir, Dr. Frudakis, Bennett Greenspan, and
others, and various scientists and owners of DNA testing-for-Ancestry
companies, scientists at BYU's molecular genealogy project, genalogy
researchers, and more on this Web site. To conserve space on this message
board, you can read some of the interviews on the Web site. The Web site
also contains partial excerpts from the first three chapters of my
nonfiction book titled, Interpreting DNA Tests for Family
History--scientists comment, etc. Basically, I interviewed scientists in the
US, England, Italy, Estonia, Israel, and others who are in DNA research.

On Steve Olson, I phoned him at his office in Washington. He was very
friendly and polite and gave me lots of time. After the brief interview, I
also talked with him a bit longer about his book. He told me he was giving
the Washington Post later in the week an article on the subject that we
discussed. He has opposite views on genealogy and DNA than Bryan Sykes and
commented on Syke's book, The Seven Daughters of Eve. I read the quotes he
gave me back to him to make sure he approved them, and then we talked about
how he felt about Syke's book, The Seven Daughters of Eve. The interview
went well. Sykes and Olson are on opposite sides about their opinions on the
use of genealogy with DNA testing. Needless to say, he didn't choose to
comment on the use of DNA testing for a foundling or for someone with a
genetic disorder. Olson did feel skeptical on DNA for ancestry, as you can
see in the quote he gave me.

I interviewed people with opposite views, so both sides of the fence are in
my collection of interviews. They are up at the Web site, and compiled into
a 59,000-word book sent out and available in January. So you can read some
of the interviews at the Web site:
It's fascinating to interview these scientists all around the world, even by
email. What came out of the interviews is that everyone I talked to from all
areas of science working with molecular genetics or molecular genealogy, DNA
testing, or similar areas, and genealogy researchers, all were open and
friendly. They all gave me pretty good interviews regardless of what country
they lived in. And when it was impossible to phone them because they were
traveling, they all got back to me fast with good email interviews. Some
offered to send me articles they wrote or even books. These people are the
warmest, friendliest bunch of scientists and DNA company owners I've met. So
I thank all of them for the interviews.

View some of the interviews at:

Anne Hart

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