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Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 18:37:29 -0000
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From: "Ian & Mary Logan"
> So, what is the future ........ would anyone like to add their comments

There is a concerted effort by a number of companies to develop the
technology to achieve the "$1000 Genome".
What that means is that for $1000 an individual can get their complete
genome sequence, which includes every
marker on every chromosome. Incidently someone should tell those companies
not to miss out the Y chromosome
and mtDNA, because for the vast majority of DNA scientists these two small
pieces of DNA are never researched.
What makes them interesting for family history, ie their stability across
generations, makes them less interesting for biological research.

The prediction is that this should be possible in 5 years, but of course it
is the companies doing the
research (and looking for investors) who are making these predictions. One
of the strongest proponents
of this is J Craig Venter who many of you will know was the man behind
Celera the company that raced
the academic world to sequence the Human genome. He is renowned for hype,
but also has a track
record of living up to it, somewhat.

I think 5 years is a bit ambitious the technology is very very early stage,
and the costs need to come down
by a factor of 10,000 fold to get to the magical $1000. But like landing a
person on Mars it will probably
happen one day.

One of the biggest problems will actually be intepreting all that data.
Imagine trying to deal with 10s of
thousands if not a million markers. Hold on to your hats!

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