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From: "Leslie Hope" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] BYU DNA
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 19:47:00 -0800
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I donated a DNA sample to the BYU molecular genealogy project. My
understanding is that they won't be sharing individual results with
Here is their website for further information:

leslie hope

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From: Scott Norton [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, December 23, 2002 11:22 AM
Subject: RE: [DNA] BYU DNA

Actually, the BYU study is completely designed to be shared. The DNA tests
they do include just about everything you can get out of blood. They
estimate they will need 100,000 samples from around the world to complete
their study plus the positive identification of family history to 5
generations at least.

When they have enough samples and enough time to examine the results they
aim to be able to identify where your dna came from with some certainty.

I've listened to all the complaints about "junk science" and conflicting
results on this BBS. Here is a project that is funded and organized to do
the job right. This is not a shotgun project, but carefully planned to
deliver results, if results can be delivered.

My experience with our DNA project is very good. But we are only trying to
identify family signatures of proven lines.

I recommend the BYU project as some of the best science in this field.

Scott Norton

If memory serves me right...they want your DNA but will share nothing.
DUH...Sounds like the FBI. Forgive if I have misinterpreted this.

H. Ben Cooper
Group Administrator
Cooper Surname DNA Project

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> I recently came across the following posting on GenForum. "Brigham Young
> University in Provo, Utah has a DNA program going at the present time.
> are taking 100,000 DNA samples as a research project to determine
> ancestry." Does anyone know anything about this project? It sounds
> shotgun rather than focused, like the surname projects are. What are its
> objectives and scope?
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