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Subject: [DNA] answering question about AB postive type
Date: Tue, 07 Jan 2003 14:48:43 -0800

AB positive originated at the foot of the Himalayas and moved West.
Egyptians have the highest 25% of AB positive blood type, followed by Tatars
at 13%. It's a proto-Middle Eastern (fertile Crescent) type. The blood on
the Shroud of Turin is AB+. It's found in E. Europe all over and all over
Finland as well as anywhere in E. Europe and down through the middle East to
N.E. Africa.

O negative is the Basque proto-European type. Irish is 0+ because it is
mixed with the A and O+ types that migrated to Ireland from the
Mediterranean/Spain 9,000 years ago as well as the Vikings, largely A+ in
medieval times. O+ is dominant over O-. But O- is the paleolithic
prehistoric type that was in Europe for at least 40,000 years. The next
oldest is A-, found all over W. Africa, Europe, and especially in

B is found all over Asia and Central Asia, some E. Africa, and the Middle
East, and highest in Russians and even higher in India, 35% of Indian
population. Native Americans are mostly O positive, the prototype of the
world before A or B developed.

B is high also in Korea, China, India, but O+ is in Native Americans as the
dominant type. RH negative blood splits off Europe from the rest of the
world that is RH postive. However, rare B- is found all over the Middle East
and in Hungary and E. Europe, where the dominant type usually is B+.

A is highest in Italy and W. Europe such as Scandinavia, France, Germany,
etc....Scotland and Poland are high in A-.

The big question is why nature made negative RH blood types in the mother
form antibodies against the rest of the world...from the small pocket of
proto-Europeans with O-. Interestingly, the reason AB+ formed is from so
much exposure to plagues and other viruses that antibodies built up in huge
amounts. So when the largely AB+ and A+ Spaniards and mixed Arab-Spaniards
came to the new world, the Native Americans with the O+ didn't have the same
immunity to the poxes, but O+ has a stronger immunity to syphillis than A+,
but is really hit hard by measles and the medieval European childhood
diseases that didn't exist when Native Americans crossed the Bering Strait
when measles didn't exist yet. AB+ was formed when B+ married A+ at the
meeting point near modern Czech and in Finland in the North and in the
Balkans in the S.

Anne Hart

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