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From: Erica Stewart <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] AncestrybyDNA test. Who's it for?
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 20:51:50 -0800
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David Faux wrote:
> Ernie and Larry:
> Concerning your disappointment with the negative findings of Ancestry by DNA in relation to Native North American testing, there are good reasons (based on known genetic principles) why siblings, cousins and sundry other relatives would have a very different assortment of genes than you. I was fortunate in that despite a heritage similar to your own, the Native North American genes (along with a few East Asian) showed in my results from the above company.
snipped 8<--------

Just out of curiousity, is that NA ancestor of yours related to you in a straight maternal

I haven't had the Ancestry by DNA test, but the mtDNA test showed a 2/3 match with
the motif for Haplogroup C, Native American, which answered once and for all the
family question about whether my grandmother was European or not. With seven
mutations from the CRS, it would be difficult to match another person, I think, but three
of the seven match a pattern that I see in East Asians on the shelob database. I think it
shows the migration route of my maternal ancestry, and I'm satisfied with that result.

There may be Europeans on that side of the family, but there definitely are on my
father's side. Our yDNA test is Atlantic Modal Haplogroup, which matches the paper
background of my Stewart line. Also, I have 23/25 matches with other Stewart families.
I'm sure there are a lot of other possible ancestry factors, but those two are so strong,
that I don't know if anything else would show up.

So I don't think the test is for me, but the discussion has been helpful, so thanks!

Erica Stewart
(paternally AMH, maternally NNA)

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