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Subject: [DNA] Appalachian DNA -- Melungeon, Native American and Otherwise
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 2003 22:07:41 EDT

Hi folks,
Just wanted to let you know that Helen Campbell's website
will finally be putting up the Melungeon DNA Project data set with
accompanying notes on each surname on May 1. The delay is not due to Helen,
who has been working very industriously, but rather to scheduling problems
and tardiness on my part.
Donald Panther-Yates and I would like to invite anyone with primary
ancestry in Appalachia, especially the Tennessee/Kentucky/Virginia/North
Carolina/West Virginia nexus, to contribute DNA samples to the project.
I especially would like to invite persons who are from the families named
by Pat Elder as 'core Melungeons' to contribute paternal, maternal and/or
gene-mapping scores to the data base. This will help us to construct a set of
population parameters for this section of the Southeastern US and to
determine the following:
1. What is the range of Native American ancestry in this population.
2. What is the range of Sub-Saharan ancestry in this population.
3. What are the ranges of Spanish, Portuguese, Semitic and North African
ancestry in this population.
4. Do Sneedville 'core Melungeon' families differ genetically from persons
coming from, say, Wise, Lee and Scott county, VA or from Hawkins, Hancock,
Sullivan, or Carter county, TN or from Floyd, Perry, and Pike county, KY and
adjacent areas in those states or in NC or W VA?
To be useful, you would need to be able to document your ancestors'
arrivals in this area and (ideally) a multi-generation pedigree that included
ancillary lines.
Thank you enormously!! Beth

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