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Subject: Re: [DNA] Appalachian DNA -- Melungeon, Native American and Otherwise
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 10:47:04 EDT

Hi! Yes, you and I are cousins through the Skeens. My Great grandmother
was Lydia Jane Skeen who married a Wampler (just forgot his name!) Her
brother, my great great uncle, was a Judge H.A.W. Skeen from Western Virginia
whose photograph is in several books on Wise County, VA. These persons were
dark-skinned, dark-haired, dark-eyed and appeared Mediterannean (e.g., Greek,
Italian, Spanish). We have had two Skeens tested. They are off from each
other by one point, but match no one else in any data base. I have been to
Skene Parish. It is right outside Aberdeen, Scotland and there is a Bishop
Skene house in Aberdeen that is open to the public.
In searching extensively through Aberdeen's history and cemetery and
census records, I came across MANY Middle Eastern/Balkan names (e.g., Abel,
Bagrah, Issat). My Leslies also come from there and their name was originally
Ladislau from Hungary (ca. 1100 CE). Aberdeen had deep trading routes into
Poland, Russia and the Baltic; they also played a role in sending soldiers to
the Middle East for the Crusades, some of whom lived there for 200 years or
more before returning to Scotland. I hypothesize, and am collecting DNA to
test, that there was a large Sephardic/Moorish/Turkish population actually
living around Aberdeen from the 1200's onward. Some of the manors in the area
are adorned with both Hebrew and Muslim icons (e.g., crescent moons,
sephirotic trees).
I realize this is difficult information to accept, but you all are welcome to
venture to Aberdeen and take a look for yourselves! Beth

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