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From: "William Hurst" <>
Subject: [DNA] Proposed practical use of mtDNA
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 23:16:16 -0400
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Ann Turner wrote today:
> Females can have their mitochondrial DNA tested, but the results don't
> with connections in the genealogical time frame (unless you are testing
> specific people whom you suspect might be related through a female

I'm proposing a test of direct maternal lines from my great great
grandmother Catherine Kelly, b. 1807 probably in Wythe Co., VA, and a Martha
Kelly, b. 1803 probably in the same county. I'm hoping to add evidence to
the theory that they were sisters. Unfortunately there were two Kelly
families in Wythe then with daughters the right age. I know which family
Martha belongs to, but not Catherine.

I suppose in most similar situations the descendants would have scattered
and might have been very hard to find, but daughters of Catherine and Martha
were the first and second wives of the same man, my great grandfather. In
fact, one of my half-cousins has already volunteered for the test, and now I
only have to get one of my two female first cousins, or one of their
children, or one of their daughter's children, to test. I'm sure all of you
know the "inverse cousin cooperation rule": the closer the cousin, the less
the cooperation.

Assuming I find a match, I might even be able to name their mother,
Elizabeth Cummins, based on a notebook left by my grandmother. Therein lies
a project for another day.

So, has anybody participated in such a project or have any advice? I'm only
familiar with our Y-Chromosome surname project with FTDNA.


Bill Hurst

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