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Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA Print
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 11:43:34 EDT

In a message dated 06/13/2003 10:25:10 AM Central Daylight Time,

> 4. A court order is issued for a test on a specific suspect, based upon
> previous detective work having nothing to do with DNA testing.

This one is wrong. For months and months, the police were only looking for a
white man. When the DNA of the suspect from the crime scenes was tested by
DNAprint, and they found the suspect to be AF, the police "then" got the court
order to have Derrick Lee tested to see if he matched the DNA from the crime
scenes. This test was done be conventional methods. It was the police in
Zachary, LA who felt that Derrick Lee should be considered a suspect based on his
past record, but until it was proved that the rapist, murderer was black they
couldn't test him.

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