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From: "ernest hurst" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Newbie Discouragement
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 13:49:49 -0400

You're sure right on that, Gary. I'm sure that "finding clues" is easier
now, with Internet access, but it didn't take me long to figure out that to
really do any good, you have to go where the records are housed. And
"finished" - HA - I don't think that's possible, in my lifetime anyhow.


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> Subject: [DNA] Newbie Discouragement
> I'll second that, Ernie. As one who has spent over 18 years doing
genealogy, both offline and online, and after collecting data on over 9,000
ancestors, I have to say that this is a hobby that requires more patience
than any other.
> It's unfortunate that the TV advertising of gives people
the impression that doing genealogy online leads to instant gratification.
My ex-wife hated my hobby, even when I started on her own ancestry. She
thought it was a waste of time and was always asking me "when is it finally
going to be done?" I would always tell her, "It'll be done when I run out
of ancestors to search for, or when I know everything there is to know
about them - or when I drop dead, whichever comes first."
> Gary
> <If you are impatient to the point that you feel that 100 <hours spent is
> <excessive, you should probably unsubscribe from this list <& give up
> <genealogy as a hobby. I have probably spent close to that <much time,
> <month, on the net for the past four years, not counting 40 <or 50 days of
> <research trips all over the Southeastern USA. I've been on <this list for
> <just under a year and knew absolutely ZERO about DNA when <I subscribed.
> <I know just over zero, with tons more to go. I don't think <I'll ever be
> <tenth as knowledgable as many here, but I'm trying. If you <have no
> <understanding of or interest in a particular topic being <discussed,
> <is always the delete key. Neither genealogy nor DNA <testing is a hobby
> <those that want to "finish" their project. I'm sure that <many on this
> <have been working at genealogy research for 20 or 30 <years.
> <DNA projects are tough to get started. The HURST project <sat there with
> <only 2 or 3 participants for months. Now it's up to 8 or <10 & more being
> <added weekly. The other day I got an e-mail in response to <a posting of
> <over two years ago, on another list, that helped me "fill <in some
> <If your mail box overflows you could always subscribe in <digest mode, or
> <just read the archives for a while. Be patient, persistent <and willing
> <learn & you WILL succeed.
> <Ernie
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