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Subject: Re: [DNA] Ancestry test - a must-read article URL
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 14:26:12 -0700
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This is an exact quote from the AncestrybyDNA web site: Those who ordered
2.0 before the cut-off date stipulated below, will get a free 3.0 test as
soon as it is developed.
a.. Ongoing research at DNAPrint has suggested a more logical grouping based
on the four BGA delineations shown on the map in the home page - where South
Asian, Middle Eastern and European are grouped into a single group called
Indo - European. This grouping makes sense in light of anthropological
evidence and cultural connections between these groups (for example, their
languages are derived from a common base), and our data suggest these groups
are far more similar to one another in genetic sequence content than to
other groups. We have also found that the test performs more accurately
when Pacific Islanders are grouped with East Asians. Because our desire is
to produce the most accurate results possible, we will use the following
four groupings for the ANCESTRYbyDNA 2.0 test: 1) Native American (those
peoples that migrated to inhabit South and North America), 2) Indo -
European (Europeans, Middle Easterners and South Asians such as Indians, 3)
East Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Pacific Islanders) and 4) Africans
(sub-saharan). We originally presented the test as capable of refining
between 6 proportions (Native American, European, African, South Asian, East
Asian and Pacific Islander), and the current test is capable of this feat
but the confidence intervals are a bit too large for our comfort.
Constructive criticism from other Molecular Anthropologists have also
suggested this new 4-way grouping is a more reasonable task for our current
test, and we agree. Thus, we have decided to wait to attempt to distinguish
between South Asian and European, as well as Pacific Islander from East
Asian with the ANCESTRYbyDNA 3.0 test. To compensate for the change,
customers who ordered ANCESTRYbyDNA 2.0 prior to 10/8/02 at the special
introductory rate would receive a free ANCESTRYbyDNA 3.0 test once it has
been developed and announced. This improvement in the test illustrates our
continuing evaluation and commitment to obtaining the highest test accuracy
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Subject: Re: [DNA] Ancestry test - a must-read article URL

> I certainly wanted a way to prove or disprove my family's Indian
traditions (either way is OK). I guess if I have to ask, it can't be very
much. I was expecting either 100% European, or <4% either African or NA or a
bit of each. It does appear the test in its current version is incapable of
doing this with any certainty.
> Caveat emptor, I guess. I made the cut-off date for the free Version 3.0.
If it's free, I'll do it.
> I don't recall you mentioning - did you do the test? What were your
results, if so?
> Steve W.

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