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From: Rich <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: GENEALOGY-DNA-D Digest V03 #474
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 18:39:23 -0700 (PDT)
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I think I'll find my DNA markers to be fairly
interesting. Half of my mother's side of the family,
the female side settled in PA in the late
1680..primarly Scotch-Irish, Irish, and English, with
one German couple thrown in for flavor. The family
never left the small area of PA until my mother moved
away, abt 300 years later in 1940. The other 1/2 of
her family was from Sweden and they came over in the
1880s on her father's side.

Just waiting for my Uncle to decide whether he'll
donate DNA for me.


--- Charles <> wrote:
> Mary,
> Thanks David for the kind words. My expertise is
> with PA Germans. Since
> PA was anti-slavery very early on due to the Quaker
> influence, there was
> not much slave holding in the Commonwealth and thus
> not as much chance
> numerically for African male admixture to occur. I
> have not run into any
> occurrences in the PA Germans tested that I know of.
> Since the slave
> (black) population was much great in the south, then
> it would seem more
> likely that such admixture would occur down there.
> snip
> Charles

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