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From: "Dra. Ana C. Oquendo Pabón, M.D." <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Y haplogroups E2 & E3a
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 01:02:00 -0400
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No problem, Charles. But let me absorb it first. I just opened up this
mess when I got home from the office ..... and I am inundated with
messages re same. I think elpadre fainted somewhere.

My prediction:

European: 60 % (I really did know what Indo-European meant)
Although there is documentation for African heritage on both sides for
those 2 specific lines I mentioned and one other, all other direct
ancestral lines maternal OR paternal are either documented creole,
pardo, hacendados (landowners), or hidalgos (Spanish royalty). I think
our oldest line is 15 generations.

African: 15 %
(I would AT least have expected this much).

Native American: 25 % (My ancestors are documented back to the
colonization of the island. Practically speaking, no way do I believe
that I have no Taíno heritage. There was endogamy and consanguinity to
the max, again documented). Could be that it may be that 24 % EA.

We are proud of them all.

As far as phenotypes, my paternal grandmother was literally 85%-90 %
African in appearance. Neither my father or his brother had those
features. My father's paternal grandfather literally was called "El
Indio" for his strong indian features. My mother's mother had blue/
green eyes, was very tall and was European in her characteristics. In
many Puerto Rican families you can find siblings where some are very
dark skinned, some with brown skin, some very fair. Some might have
brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes. Elpadre was born with blond hair and
green/ hazel eyes. I have very black hair (or I did before my 4
grandchildren age 24 months to 7 years started to come over all at the
same time) . My daughter is blond with green eyes. ;o). My youngest son
looks Hispanic. My daughter and my middle son do not.

Ana ©arbolito

Charles wrote:

>Prior to requesting the DNAPrint test, based on your genealogical
>and family rumors and legends, objectively based on traditional family
>research and sources what percentages for each population group would
>you have expected your results to be .... roughly ... for the four
>population groups tested?
>Also would you add your results to my DNAPrint Log ... both your
>objective expectations based on your genealogical research and of course
>your actual results, plus your comments in the comments field. Here is
>the link. Thanks.
>Add new entries:
>"Dra. Ana C. Oquendo Pabón, M. D." wrote:
>>Hi! Ann and all,
>>My kit number is 10168. I suppose I should have asked if the number was
>>assigned according to the password number which is a 4 digit consecutive
>>number. The sample ID for the DNAPrint was also a consecutive 4 digit
>>Irregardless, the reason I am puzzled is this:
>>The DNAPrint Results showed:
>>Indo-European: 76% (and what exactly is Indo-European as compared to
>>European, anyway?)
>>East-Asian 24%
>>African 0%
>>Native American 0%
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