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Subject: [DNA] Is your heritage in your feet?
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 00:33:42 EDT

I ran across an interesting piece at the Current Archaeology site that I
thought might interest the readers of this list. It might be interesting to see
if any of these feet patterns go with certain DNA strings! On a personal
note, I have since before our marriage teased my husband about his "weird" big toe
and feet. Turns out that my feet, and those of my family are more nearly
like the Roman foot, while my husband's look more like the Saxon or the Neolithic

The feet types are described as

Scots-Irish: long, narrow, with toes almost in a straight line
Modern English: chubbier, toes sloping in sharp line down from the big toe

Roman foot: projecting second toe, small little toe

Neolithic: much longer big toe {Roman

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