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From: "Lowe DNA" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] OT - Potential misuse of samples
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 15:45:52 -0600
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"Having a database with y-chromosome dna results that can be searched
without being able to identify the exact individual who contributed the
sample is a far cry from having a database of all dna information linked to
names that can be sold to such companies as you suggest."

"The consent forms that are signed by participants make it very clear that
the samples can NEVER be shared with any third party without the express
written consent of the participants."

Did your release state explicitly that your name and sample would not be
released together....and/or does it also prevent this same company form
sharing a set of results, yours included, with no names attached with a
third party......and for profit and/or to screen other folks in the future
based on the groups DNA results... Time will tell here....I might be
correct but hope that you are... However,it bothers me that the individual
can not obtain their results and this project is so one-sided.....

I think this controversy will not be swept under the rug until we see some
dialogue coming from the representatives of this testing group with
assurances about how the test results will be used...and not used..... At
this point with this full detail, my family will not participate.....and
will request our Mormon cousins to do the same.

And on your other point about biological samples being taken by job
application, routine drug screening, etc. and then used by other individuals
for unscrupulous purposes.....I also agree whole heartedly that this might
be, and sometimes is, the case. In some states where there are no
safeguards, sick employees are asked to go to a company doctor for a blood
test....which can be screened for other ailments like STD's, AIDS, or
hep-C... This probably does happen and you might be correct here..

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