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Subject: Re: [DNA] Daniel Boone
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 15:35:42 -0600
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>The Boones I am referring to as being Jewish
> descend from Daniel's brother/uncle, (will have to look up which one). This
> line of the family migrated to California and has been practicing Judaism as long
> as they are aware.

We've found that quite a few Boone's that like to claim they are from the Daniel Boone line, but when their DNA is tested, they don't match. Before I could say that Richard Boone descends from that line, I'd have to see the DNA for his line. I'd like very much to see if her cousin/uncle would agree to join our group. I'd be more than happy to pay for the testing myself. If you could contact them again and have them check out our website, then contact me

> The person I discussed this with was a California elementary school
> teacher, whose father was in this line. I'm not free to give you her name and
> e-mail, BUT her uncle is/was Richard Boone, the actor (Have Gun Will Travel), who
> is now deceased. Many years ago, Richard Boone said he didn't know and didn't care if he was kin to Daniel Boone or not, that (not his exact words) he felt he was popular/famous in his own right and he didn't need to claim kin to Daniel. And, he was right, he's always been one of my old-time favorites.

>If you will look up biographical information on him I think
> you'll find that he claims to be a 'seventh-generation' Daniel Boone's
> brother/uncle descendant and he was a practicing Jew.

Several months ago, I did see a bio on Richard Boone that listed him in the Daniel Boone line, and I remembered what he had said while he was still alive, wondering if that had been proven or not.

I offered to pay for a DNA test
> for this woman's father and he had been mailed a kit; however, the 9/11 attacks
> then occurred and they decided not to return the kit.
> Hope this is helpful. I'm not trying to 'trade' on Daniel's good name
> and your excellent research, but do believe that the family originally practiced
> Judaism. I think if you will check out Daniel's life history you'll find
> information that he was not actually a practicing Quaker--rather the family
> claimed to be Quaker to enter Pennsylvania.

Not really true....Daniel's grandparents dropped out of the Church of England to join the Quakers in 1702....15 years before coming to America in Oct. 10, 1717.
Daniel Boone's g grandparents (and prior to the late 1500's) belonged to the Church of England. They were baptised at St. Diesen's in Bradninch, Devonshire, England and we have copies of these documents and many more from the "Monthly Meetings" of the Friends of Society, the Quakers.

"George III was born in Stoke Canon and learned the blacksmith trade of his father before he became a successful weaver, a trade that he followed most of his life. He was married in 1689 at age 23 to Mary Milton Maugridge, who was born in 1669 in Bradninch, Devon, England. She was the daughter of John Maugridge and Mary Milton. They were members of St. Diesen's, Church of England in Bradninch. Their first five children were baptised there, as recorded in the St. Diesen's Parish Register.

In 1702, George and Mary left the Church of England and joined the Quaker movement. They became members of the "Cullompton Meeting" of the "Society of Friends", which was only about a mile and a half north of their home in Bradninch. Of course, this action removed the family from the English mainstream, and life must have become difficult, at best. Their last four children were born into the "Friends" church.

In 1713, George sent his three oldest children to the Quaker colony of Pennsylvania, to investigate conditions there. They were: George IV age 23, Sarah age 22, and Squire (Daniel Boone's father) age 17. With positive reports from his children in Pennsylvania, George III made preparations to move the rest of the family to the new world. They left Bradninch in August of 1717. They temporarily settled in Abington, a small village north of Philadelphia, now within its city limits. Soon after their arrival, George IV married Deborah Howell. She was the daughter of Quaker minister, William Howell and wife Mary, who were in Pennsylvania before 1691. "

Daniel's brother Squire, Jr. was a Baptist preacher as was several of his cousins and nephews.

There are many lines of Boone's in the United States, including English, Canada, German, French and I have one that lives Argentina, several that live in England and one that lives in Australia. I had one Boon that lives in Pakistan and his family has been there for several generations, as far back as he knows. I would love to have him and I offered to pay for it, but because of the political developments last year, he said he had to back off for awhile. I believe he will eventually decide to join tho as soon as things stabilize over there.

Back when Daniel and his family were in Watauga, the settlement was not fully developed and circuit riders could have been any religion. It's very possible that one or more could have been jewish and that wouldn't have bothered anyone who was wanting to attend church services. If they didn't have a choice, those who wanted would take anything.

But to all my years of research and discussions with other Boone Society officers (I am VP of the Boone Society) no one has ever discovered a connection to the Daniel/George Boone line to the Jewish religion or DNA connection. Donald Panther-Yates commented to me about the Daniel Boone-Melungeon connection being in America since the 1600's. I told him that was another line of Boon/e's, because the Daniel/George Boone line didn't arrive here until 1717. A couple of examples are:

"Among these early Swedish adventurers was Anders Bonde, whose name was subsequently Anglicized into Andros or Andrew Boon. He was a native of Sweden and settled on the Delaware in what is now Delaware County, Pennsylvania, as early as 1639 or 1640."

"Mathew Strickland of I. of W. sells to Thomas Boon for 1200 lbs tbco. 300 acres in the L.P. (Lower Parish) 8 Dec. 1702. From "Seventeenth Century Isale of Wight Deed Book 1".

"Thomas Boon and wife Elizabeth of the lower parish to Peter Mackcone of the same, 180 acres in the lower parish adjoining Andrew Griffin, the Gun (Gum) Branch, Col. Arthur Smith, the Long Branch, Ratliffe Boone, Johnson and Horse Swamp (being part of the 1802 acres granted "to my father, Mathew Strickland, on 20 Apr 1680") Isle of Wight Co., VA:

I can't stop you from printing anything in your book, but I can say that I think you are wrong in your theory that Daniel Boone or his brothers were Jewish or practiced the Jewish religion. You are correct that Daniel wasn't associated with any church as an adult, but his brothers and sisters were and in all the documents I've seen, none were Jewish. I sincerely hope that you and Donald Panther-Yates will do a more thorough research of this subject (Daniel Boone) before publishing your book, because if you want respectful acknowledgement for your book, it needs to be accurate. And, since the text of the website links directly to Daniel Boone, the inference that is made is none other than Daniel Boone, the pioneer.

If I can help you in any way, please let me know...and by all means, if you ever find anything that does link them to the Jewish religion or DNA, please let me know because I want only accuracy in my project, too. I was born and raised in Texas and I've never understood the prejudice against Jews or any other religion for matter, we just didn't have it down here, so please belive me, I have NO problem with Daniel or anyone else being Jewish.


My information on the religious group
> that was present in the Watauga settlement where he (and some of my ancestors)
> lived was that it was "primitive Baptist" and had meetings twice a month on
> Saturdays. Several of Daniel's fur-trading partners/bosses were apparently Jewish.
> Let me have your thoughts, Beth
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