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Subject: [DNA] DNA results- Cowan Surname Project (my line!)
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 21:19:08 EST


Thanks to Ann & Anne and Malcolm and TJ (?) for your responses. I got some
answers and a resource and an offer to upload my Cowan markers to another
database! I don't feel any smarter, but I appreciate the help!

By the way, just in case anyone wondered, the Greenspan mentioned in DPY's
much-mentioned reference and in my email yesterday is NOT Bennett Greenspan of
FTDNA. My apologies if anyone inferred that from my post!

On another related subject (pun intended!), does anyone know if there are any
projects looking at Gypsy DNA? I should have some results back soon on my
husband whose mother was a Gypsy from India. Doing mt, Y and DNAPrint tests, but
not sure what we'll learn from it. Any suggestions?

thanks again and happy holidays to all,

Cyndi in Baltimore
(Cowan, Rutledge, Gibbs, Stephens, Watts, Hereford, Lindsey, & Flippo surname

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