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Subject: Re: [DNA] Haplogroup G (?)
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 12:21:26 +1100
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Hi All,

Although the paper quoted is of the highest quality. I have had difficulty discerning the distribution of G* from it, for several reason's. And I should say it was not the intent of the paper to do so.

Firstly the mapping of the Neolithic group's Eu9, Eu10 and Eu11, covers a wide range of haplogroup's and their sub-clades.

Eu9: J2*, J2a, J2b, J2c, J2d, J2e*, J2e1*, J2e1a, J2f*, J2f1, J2f2.

Eu10: F*, F1, J* J1.

Eu11: G*, G1, G2*, G2a*, G2a1.

Further the paper does not include data from Ireland and Britain.

And yes in 2004 we await the completion of the Irish Clans DNA Project which will be invaluable for researchers of the Isles as the Irish have contributed a lions share of DNA internationally.

I have heard that it is estimated that up to 50% of modern Scots [Scotland] are of recent Irish descent. If this is then compounded to the number of ancient Irish Gaels to colonise Scotland [then Pictish Alba] the information regarding native Irish DNA lineages will be of lasting benefit to family researchers internationally.

If any body is G [via SNP M201] or believes themselves to be so, and wishes to send me their STR data, I will include your information to that which I have so far collected and correspond off list, in relation to known genealogy, origins/regional associations, etc.

All the best.
Grant South

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Subject: [DNA] Haplogroup G (?)

Somebody wrote me off-list asking about Haplogroup G, if memory serves me
correctly. Haplogroup G is the new nomenclature for Semino's Eu11, who has a
paper showing the distribution in Europe

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