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From: "Gaila & James Merrington" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Recruiting Member Suggestion
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 07:59:09 +1100
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Rootsweb has two services, one is called PML, so if someone mentions
"Michael Howard" on any list, that message is sent to me personally.
You would need to send out an email with information on Genealogy DNA and
then list some of the Ancestors you are looking for. Obviously, you would
add first and last name.
Secondly, you would match most common names John, James, William, etc to
your surname to get this message to be widespread.

I get Michael Howards sent to me from every state in the Union and the UK.
For instance, I would be very interested to know if my Michael Howard would
share DNA with Obediah Howard, Stephen Howard, Richard Howard, John Howard
and I would throw in all the other Howard combinations I had on hand or
though would be helpful.
If you can't send it to your list, perhaps we could send them to this list
and we could just delete them.

If any of you have ancestors that came through Central Georgia you can feel
free to send them to my Houston County list either through me or sign up and

The other tool of Rootsweb is RSL or Rootsweb Surname Finder list, if you
have a generic email to paste into everyone looking for a certain surname,
you can email those people directly.
Here is the link for RSL:

Look up the varients of your surname and click on the email address and send
directly to the person researching that name.

Good luck

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