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At 08:19 AM 3/17/2004, alani920 wrote:
>My brother just received his male line DNA results
>from Howard University. We believed the results would
>point to an area in Africa our paternal ancestors came
>from. Surprise, the results point to Columbia South
>America. We are trying to figure out how our ancestors
>from Columbia became, slaves in South Carolina.

One explanation could be that a female branch of your family married a
South American Indian or a North American Indian from the same ancestry
(from who knows where originally?) and thus the paternal line was not what
you might have expected despite the outward appearances that would have
indicated African descent. This may well be a maternal line
influence. Also remember that a large number of African Americans have
Caucasian paternal ancestry. After you dilute it a few generations you
would hardly anticipate it.

>It is all very interesting.
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