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Subject: FW: [DNA] Some thoughts about the near future
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 10:22:54 -0500

My thoughts exactly. This email prediction has stimulated a lot of
interesting comments and hints at news to come. Let's not forget that many
of the greatest scientific advances were initiated by someone without the
"benefit" of credentials but with a vision others more traditionally
educated would never have contemplated.

I enjoy this list a great deal, although nearly everything is over my
knowledge level. But my knowledge level is growing because of the dynamics
and enthusiasm of this list.

Some people look at things as they are and ask "why"? Others see things
that have never been and ask "why not?"

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Subject: Re: [DNA] Some thoughts about the near future

On 27 Mar 2004 at 20:02, wrote:

> I would rather hear predictions from someone with
expertise in the field, rather than "some guy who
posts to a mailing list." If you have any credentials
that would give us confidence in your statements,
pleas present them. >

Dang James, cut people some slack!!!

As you noted, this is an Internet Mailing List, and
the only requirements to join - and post messages that
I know of - is an interest in DNA and it's
applications to Genealogy.

If I examined the archives in detail, would I not find
some posts you made that might seen a little OT or
express some desires about the technology? Have you
presented your credentials to the list to justify
making comments such as this?

I've noticed a tendency lately on this list for some
members to be harsh and unforgiving VERY Quickly.
Other lists have been spoiled by attitudes like this.

Remember what your mama (SHOULD) have told you - If
you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at

Now relax and enjoy all the expertise that is present
on this list. I suspect that the members of this list
have knowledge and expertise in many fields, and the
rest of us are lucky that they share.

Have a good day.

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