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Subject: Re: [DNA] There should be an entrance exam
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:45:22 -0300
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I'm outside the fence and would love to play with you big boys! But
as a immigrant, i realize my english is not good enough.
Well I'm not horse-faced ( Love it!), with 168cm I'm a round headet
I don't find it offensiv but some people have a krippling effect on
the self-confidence of others. Is it just pure ignorance or snobism?
I do Genealogie over 20 years and can read and write in old script.
Have done four DNA analyses about me and my family but because of
this I never dared to ask one question, although I have a lot!
Thanks to you guys I'm learning from outside the fence.
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> Has anyone else ever wished that there was an entrance
> exam that one had to pass before being able to post on
> internet lists? I sometimes think that a test for
> grammar, spelling, logical thinking, and general
> knowledge of the subject should be a requirement to
> post.
> I have a hard time believing I'm the only person to
> feel this way....
> .
> I cannot agree with your thinkint. Why? Because everyone is
entitled to
> their own stupid opinions. Besides that, it is often possible to
acquire a gem
> of knowledge from an untutored person.
> Gordon Hale
> Grand Prairie, Texas
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