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From: Steve Williamson <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] There should be an entrance exam
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 21:41:59 -0700 (PDT)
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Please don't be discouraged by what I wrote! As a
professional translator, I absolutely understand about
trying to communicate in a language you didn't acquire
in childhood. My post was certainly not directed at

I'm often frustrated by people who don't really read
what someone else says, before blasting away at them
with incoherent arguments because some key phrase or
word set them off. I'm not saying I'm perfect, either,
but I make an effort to convey my opinions in as clear
and coherent a fashion as I can manage. I don't think
it's too much to ask the same courtesy of others.

'Nuff said! (I hope)

Steve Williamson

PS: Oops -- better say 'DNA' or the list administrator
will cancel my subscription... :)

--- Bernd Burgey <> wrote:
> I'm outside the fence and would love to play with
> you big boys! But
> as a immigrant, i realize my english is not good
> enough.
> Well I'm not horse-faced ( Love it!), with 168cm I'm
> a round headet
> Celt!
> I don't find it offensiv but some people have a
> krippling effect on
> the self-confidence of others. Is it just pure
> ignorance or snobism?
> I do Genealogie over 20 years and can read and write
> in old script.
> Have done four DNA analyses about me and my family
> but because of
> this I never dared to ask one question, although I
> have a lot!
> Thanks to you guys I'm learning from outside the
> fence.
> Great!

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