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Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA PRINT TEST - a "Melungeon" PART 1
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 18:32:54 -0400

I sent a response several hours ago and have been informed by Ann that it was over the size limit for the G-DNA mailing list. I'm resending it in two parts.


I'm the other co-administrator of the Sizemore surname DNA project. I've been consistently researching the Sizemore surname since 1985 and have collected extensive records for them. The earliest William Sismore/Sisemore/Sizemore came to VA from England and received 100 acres of land "Upon Appomattox river" in the first division of 1619. The Henrico & Charles City Co.
division line was moved in 1634 and later patents mentioning SIZEMORE'S CREEK indicate William's land was on the north side of the Appomattox river in Henrico Co. in the area that became Chesterfield Co. in 1749. He was apparently in Virginia by 1613, although he is not found on any of the surviving early passenger lists.

There are two records for Martha Sisemore, one in 1620 showing she had paid for her passage to VA, the other between 1622-1629 indicating she made frequent trips between England & Virginia. I believe Martha came later than William. It is *assumed* they were married which most likely occurred in VA.

During the Indian massacre William & Martha fled across the river where they are found on the 16 Feb. 1623/4 list of the living at West & Shirley Hundred. They are not found on the 1624/5 census, but on Jan 14, 1625/6 William was still living in VA when he sent 2000 lbs. of tobacco to England.

1636/31/Dec. Cavaliers and Pioneers-Abstracts of VA Land Patents & Grants 1623-1666 by Nell Marion Nugent p.95.
[Patent Bk. 1-Part II] Ralph WYATT, Gent. to Richard JOHNSON, Roger DAVIS & Abraham WOOD, Planters, last day of Dec. 1636, p.590. One parcell of land lying & being from SIZEMORES Cr. & soe up the Cr. as farr as CAPT. BUTTONS land doth extend, from thence up to the Rock in Apamattock Riv., thence along the river & soe into the Baye & from thence to SIZEMORE his Cr. againe. Said WYATT, his assigns &c. shall possess & enjoy 10A of land aforesaid running down from the Rock above mentioned. Signed Ralph WYATT. Wit: Joseph FISTER, Daniell LEWELLIN.

Abraham WOOD, Richard JOHNSON, & Roger DAVIS jointly leased from Ralph WYATT, a tract on SIZEMORE'S CREEK and extending to the rock in Appomattox River for 21 yrs.. On May 14, 1638 Abraham WOOD patented 400A in Charles City Co. on Appomattox River adjoining lands of JOHN BAKER & JOSEPH BOURNE and extending west on the main river over against Peircie's Toyle Creek.
Another patent for 200A in Henrico Co. on the north side of Appomattox River "neere unto the great Rocke" and opposite land of JOHN BAKER was granted to him 8 June 1639. These two tracts, with 100A added, were incorporated in a patent for 700A in Henrico Co. on SIZEMORE'S CREEK granted to him, 20 Oct. 1642.

Mother Earth Land Grants In Virginia, 1607-1699 by W. Stitt Robinson, Jr. p.32:
FORT HENRY, located at present-day Petersburg, was granted to Captain Abraham WOOD with 600A of land plus all houses, edifices, boats, and ammunition belonging to the fort. WOOD was required to maintain and keep ten persons continuously at the fort for three years. The forts served as the first line of defense against possible attacks by the natives. Being the center of the varied activities of the frontier, they also were the starting point for expeditions against the Indians and became the center of trade for the outlying regions.

Adventurers of Purse and Person pp.696/7- In 1650 he [Abraham WOOD] joined Edward BLAND, Sackford BREWSTER and Elias PENNANT on a journey of discovery along the Chowan and Nottoway rivers into NC. In 1653 the Assembly granted him and his associates special privileges for fourteen years in trading activities "in places where no English ever have bin and discovered, nor have had particular trade."

Ben C. McCary, Indians In Seventeenth-Century Virginia, p.3:
Appomattoc. Appamattucks, chief village of King Coquonasum was located until 1623 on Swift Creek, a tributary of the Appomattox River, about a mile above its mouth. Apamatuks (Smith) or Mattica (Tindall) was the chief village of Queen Oppussoquionuske, sister of King Coquonasum. It was located on Bermuda Hundred point until it was destroyed about Christmas, 1611, by Sir Thomas Dale.
Appomattocks Indian Towne apparently became the chief village after the destruction in 1623 of King Coquonasum's village by Capt. Nathaniel West. It was located on Old Indian Towne Creek, the present Rohoic Run, and remained there until 1691. It was within a short distance of the site of Fort Henry, 1646-1676. Population about 250.

Various deeds continue to use Sizemores Cr. as a boundary location, but I haven't found anything else naming either William or Martha, and nothing indicating they had any children. However, I believe the NA ancestry had to have come into the line during this early time period (when it was encouraged and totally accepted), and most likely with a FEMALE SIZEMORE/MALE NA relationship with resulting children using the SIZEMORE surname. The most likely suspect right now is Martha, but there's no actual proof of that. It also seems possible this MALE NA could have been from the above Appomattock tribe, although I doubt we'll ever know exactly which tribe this ancestry actually came from.

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