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From: "James V. Elliott" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Haplotype "Q" in Shetland Islands, Vikings, and Picts
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 07:45:01 -0400
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Could the incidence of Haplogroup Q in Norway have its origin among the
Saami? The Saami are of Siberian Asiatic origin. They exhibit other
Asiatic haplogroups - Haplogroup N3, for example - so why not this one, too?

James V. Elliott

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Subject: [DNA] Haplotype "Q" in Shetland Islands, Vikings, and Picts

> Bill:
> We are of the opinion that the Q we are seeing long predates the Viking
invasions, and has a Central Asian origin at some point in the ancient past.
There are pockets in Norway where this haplogroup is found at relatively
high frequencies.
> Also we do not expect to find any Native American (Inuit) mtDNA
haplogroups in our study. To the best of my knowledge none have been seen
in previous studies of this area, and if perchance any does show up it could
best be explained as a function of the Hudson's Bay Company activities in
the 16 and 1700s. A majority of the employees of this firm that controlled
about 50% of what is today Canada were Orcadians, many of whom had "country
wives" (Cree, Ojibway, Athapaskan etc.). Should any haplogroup A to D or X
show up in Orkney or elsewhere in the vicinity, the most parsimonious
explanation of this finding would relate to HBC returnees.
> What we may be able to answer eventually with Y-DNA and mtDNA work is
whether the aboriginal Pictish peoples of the Northern Isles survived the
Viking onslaught and "seamlessly" merged with the invaders (as the evidence
now suggests that the British did when the Anglo - Saxons invaded; and the
Anglo - Saxon / British did at the time of the Danish Viking incursions).
> David.
> Lowe DNA <> wrote:
> David...
> Thanks for the update from 8 to 4 percent....that is still a high
> for Aleut cross-over from Greenland and/or
> Iceland...or Central Asia.....And I was not aware of any Q's found in
> Norway...?? However, shall anticipate findings and emails from you and Jim
> Wilson on this subject.....Will you and Jim include tests on the ladies to
> find possible maternal haplagroups A-X in these same populations....???
> As yet, I have not been able to find academic papers that have detailed
> tied together Q or Q3 NRY haplogroups, and A-X mtDNA haplagroups, in the
> Scandinavian countries....nor any that have correlated these
> paternal/maternal groups back to the Aleut populations in the NW Atlantic
> to migrations of Q's from Asia to the Atlantic coast by blood group or
> other autosomal marker....It would ironic if some of these Shetland Q's
> turned out to be Q3-M3 which is definitely Amerindian...
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