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From: "Terry Barton" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Interpreting -- getting results for all markers ordered
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 14:00:54 -0400
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David - Not so fast.

I am waiting on two results from Relative Genetics where they are rerunning
the tests to get a result for every marker. RG's policy is also to not
release results until they have a value for each marker.

BTW, I have tests going at both FTDNA and RG. Both companies have their
advantages and both have been very ethical in dealing with us. I wish we
could marry them and get the best of both into one firm, but the competition
causes both of them to improve and strive to offer the most value.

And I wish that their results had a higher correlation - 16 common markers
from their 25 and 26 marker tests is not very helpful in comparing results.
(They're now up to 37 common markers between FTDNA 37 and DNAH's 43 marker


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Subject: Re: [DNA] Interpreting -- getting results for all markers

That is a very interesting observation Charles and Diane. If you are
correct it explains the quick turn around times. FTDNA could do the same,
but will not release a result until they are fully confident that they have
the absolute correct values for each and every marker. Your interpretation
reflects precisely my understanding Charles. I know that a 25 marker test
for one of my participants is being held up by one single solitary marker
which just refuses to provide a clear reading. I asked Bennett yesterday
about the possibility of releasing partial results to at least allow us
project administrators to offer something concrete to our participants. He
is taking the matter under advisement.

Recall that Bennett was a genealogist before he ever founded FTDNA. He
truly understands what we want and need, and is the most ethical
businessperson I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

I will take the FTDNA approach thank you, and know my participant's DNA is
in storage for the inevitable SNP tests upcoming, and know I can predict
haplogroup with their Haplogroup Database rather than having to ask for the
input of groups like this to give a best guess at a string of raw numbers.

Does DNAHeritage provide a webpage for each customer like FTDNA? If so, do
they indicate what they plan to do about the "missing" marker values. This
sounds a lot like DNAPrint, except a few failed markers with that test
probably doesn't affect the results much. With Y-DNA testing each marker is


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