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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b Across Europe
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 11:11:17 -0600
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David, I found evidence for three modal haplotypes of R1b (probably
representing sub-clades) with different geographical distributions in
Europe. DYS390 and DYS391 are the clearest separators, although I also see
weaker correlations of those markers with 385a,b as well. Let's stick to
390/391 for this discussion.

Iberia and Paris and Ireland are very heavy on the 24/11 at 390/391. NW
Germany and Holland and Denmark are clearly heavier on the 24/10 and 23/11.

Scandinavia shows an interesting combination indicating a robust settlement
of R1b from the Iberian source and then additional influx of the more
Germanic variety of R1b. I find Denmark fascinating. Both with the R1b and
with the I1a, Denmark is more like Holland and NW Germany than it is
Norway/Sweden. Geography tells part of the story, of course. It's a clear
case where the genetic patterns are set before the linguistic.

As I mentioned in one of my messages to the List of a couple weeks ago, I
did not extend my analysis into eastern Europe because the numbers of R1b
fell off fast. Good luck over there getting statistically significant

This analysis was done thanks to existence of the YHRD database.


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Subject: [DNA] R1b Across Europe

> Good day from LA:
> I spent part of last weekend extracting data from Ysearch. My goal was to
see if there was a difference between R1b in Spain or Ireland and that
further east in say Poland.
> There were insufficient numbers to include Scandanavia (my prime area of
interest) and Spain. In addition there were not enough 37 marker haplotypes
uploaded to Ysearch so I had to content myself with using 25 markers.
> My sample included 55 whose ancestor in the male line were from Ireland,
42 from Scotland, 27 Germanic (Germany, Switzerland and Holland), and 13
Eastern European (Poland, Russia, Hungary).
> The results of my search are presented in tablular form at:
> . It appears that the conclusions are
quite obvious - but you can see for yourself.
> David.
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