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Subject: Red Hair, Vikings, and the real origin of red hair
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 08:47:56 -0700

Red hair is very rare in Scandinavia and Germany today. It is an Iranic
trait. Red hair came to Europe from the Iranic-speaking steppe tribes who
inhabited the areas north of and around the Black Sea from 4,000 years ago
to the 6th century, when they were replaced by the Slavs whose predominant
hair color is shades of brown and dark blonde.

Sarmatians, Scythians, Thracians, Cimmerians, and other Balkan peoples
originally carried this "Iranic" ginger trait to other peoples, including
the Celts, whose original hair color was
"Paleo-Atlantid-Mediterranean"....shades of brown, black, and mixed.
Germanic and Scandinavian people living in the "de-pigmented" zone during
the Ice Age were blondes, with most blondes living in Finland primarily and
secondarily in Norway/Sweden. Most Scandinavians have light brown hair. Red
hair shows up in Afghanistan, Iran, and the Urals today. Azerbaijan and
Georgia also have lots of red-haired people. Where are the most redheads
found today? Scotland, Ireland, among the Ashkenazim from Poland, Romania,
and the Ukraine, and in Russia. Now, were the Rus called Rus (Red) because
of their hair, their skin, the color of the steppes' clay/soil, or their
standard banners? There also was the Red Khaganate of Turanian peoples, but
that was their standard or banner color. Then again you have red Khazars and
white Khazars, but that again, was their flag or standard/banners.

The answer is the ginger gene shows up in people of many ethnicities. It's a
gene. Neanderthals had it, early Homo Sapiens, and it's found all over the
world, but mostly in the depigmented zone that had the severest Ice Age.
It's also known as an "Iranic" trait attributed to the Sarmatians and their
ancestors. In ancient Rome, most murals depicted women with red hair, but
again, that could just be henna imported from Antioch.

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