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From: "Dennis West" <>
Subject: Misuse of DNA was Dodson Group
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 16:05:27 -0400
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John made an excellent point about the markers
that we are using for genealogy having no use
for medical diagnosis. However the statement
from 'Bud' that someone could obtain the DNA
sample with a court order should be addressed
as well.

If someone can get a court order to seize the
DNA samples/results from a commercial lab, they
can probably get a court order forcing an individual
to submit to a DNA test. In fact this would probably
be preferred because of the possible chain of custody
concern for a sample stored in a remote lab.

I still maintain that if someone wants your DNA, for
legal or illegal uses, there is almost no way to prevent
that unless you live in a sealed bubble. Any
personal item probably has enough cells to extract
DNA - tissue paper, drink cups, chewing gum, hair,
cigarette butts, clothing items, etc, etc, etc.
Just go through the trash and collect all the DNA
you need from a household.

Dennis West
Roberta wrote:
I hope that Bennett or someone from FTDNA will
reply as well, as this kind of information certainly does nothing to
promote DNA testing for genealogical purposes. Roberta Estes

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