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From: "George Haynes" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] J2 HG in Scotland
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 22:55:22 -0400
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Hi Ellen,

If you can check the archives, please look at my second post in this subject
heading as I listed my closest matches and gave a geographical description
of my concept of ancient Sarmatia [which David says is actually Western
Sarmatia]. In a second thread entitled "my possible Sarmatian yDNA" I
attempted to compare my haplotype to a series of close matches including the
Ukraine, Poland, Iraq, and Turkey. Unfortunately my email program trashed
the columns making it appear incomprehensible.

As for the ySNP for a subclade, that is an excellent idea. FTDNA at the
present time does not offer this testing. About all they will do is tell me
that I have the p12f2 deletion. Bennett has related that he plans on
offering a deep ancestry ySNP in the foreseeable future. If I want to give
it a go now I guess I would have to go with Trace Genetics. I'm curious if
anyone on the list has had any success with Trace's Fine Resolution ySNP

Just to let you know I really appreciate all you posts to the list as they
are very educational and very well thought out.


> Hi George:
> When you say your J2 matches areas from ancient
> Samartia, what area are you referring to? What are
> the percentages of J2 from this region? (I'm assuming
> your J2 when you say your "J").
> And your J2 has no other matches - none in Turkey?
> None in Iraq, Syria or Lebanon? None with Jews? None
> in other areas of Europe?
> Have you been SNP tested? Do you know which J2
> sub-clad you fall into? This seems important these
> days, with the differing distribution of various
> sub-clades throughout Europe, the Middle EAst and
> Africa.
> Ellen Coffman
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