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From: "Malcolm Dodd" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] J2 HG in Scotland
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 22:15:58 +0100

David Wrote:
The Neolithic farmer concept is a one construct built upon sheer
speculation. One can
never know if cultural diffusion or migration of farmers brought
agriculture to Northern Europe.

Is that the conclusion that was reached at the Euroconference of the Human
Genome Diversity Group
which is discussed at length in the leading work - "Archaeogenetics: DNA
and the population prehistory of Europe", edited by Colin Renfrew and Katie
Boyle (2000) which covers

<Recent developments in molecular genetics are currently transforming our
understanding of the population history of the world. Their application to
the prehistory and history of Europe was the focus of an interdisciplinary
meeting held in Cambridge in 1999 as a Euroconference of the Human Genome
Diversity Group. The papers describe the latest developments in this
fast-moving area, with a clear and accessible discussion of the results of
mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome analysis, and of their integration with
the archaeological and climatic record. For the first time it is here
possible to assess the impact of molecular genetics upon European
prehistory. This volume will thus be essential reading for all those,
including archaeologists, anthropologists and geneticists, concerned with
the reconstruction of the prehistory of Europe and with this new,
multidisciplinary field of research.>

Malcolm Dodd

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