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From: "Roberta J. Estes" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] unexpected results
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 13:46:14 -0400
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Yes, you can see the members page if you're the admin. You can check or
uncheck their privacy box. You can recheck it after you see the matches
if you want to.

Also, on the admin page there is a restrict matches to surname project
box also that you'll want to uncheck.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] unexpected results

I'm the admin, so I can see the member's page. The results indicate no
match with any known haplogroup. The closest is a two-step mutation
(n=1) in group I. They suggest an SNP test.

The surname is STRAUB, which originates primarily from southern Germany
(Rhineland-Pfalz, Baden-W├╝rttember, and Bavaria), plus the adjacent
German-speaking part of Switzerland and the adjacent ethnic German
enclave of Alsace-Lorraine in France.

Testee #1 has a good pedigree back to W├╝rttemberg.

Testee #2 (my cousin) has a good pedigree (or so we thought) back to
Pennsylvania, and we grew up with a family tradition of being
"Pennsylvania Deutsch." My GG-grandfather, who was born in PA and moved
to Ohio in 1822, spoke German. Or, at least, I thought he was my
GG-grandfather. Based on circumstantial evidence, I had suspected we
descended from a STRAUB who immigrated in 1733. This immigrant probably
has the most descendants of any single STRAUB immigrant, so ultimately
we should have many profiles from this line. I was hoping the DNA would
prove we are among this group. Ha!

Thank you for your input, Ann.


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Subject: Re: [DNA] unexpected results

> In a message dated 08/20/04 7:20:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > I just got back the first results from my first two members in my
> > first project, and the numbers are stunningly unexpected. These two

> > persons
> > the same surname and both have presumed ancestry from Wuerttemberg,
> > but
> > only match ONE number!
> >
> > Testee #1: 13 24 14 11 11 15 12 12 12 13 13 29
> > Testee #2: 14 22 15 11 13 13 11 16 11 12 11 28
> With that many differences, they are probably in different haplogroups
> clusters of people who share a common ancestor from thousands of years
> You can see the predicted haplogroup on each testee's results page if
> you
> the project administrator, and that will give you a hint about the
> of origin.
> > I am anxiously awaiting results from three more members, who should
> > be closely related to Testee #2. In the meantime, can I tell
> > anything
> > whether one of the above is, for example, not really German?
> So you don't have a paper trail connecting #1 and #2? You didn't
> mention
> surname, but the same surname may have been chosen by completely
> unrelated people back when surnames came into common use. For example,

> surnames
based on
> occupation, locality, or physical characteristics usually have
> multiple
> If the results which should match #2 all match #1 instead, then you
> can
> considering other alternatives: a nonpaternity event (adoption,
> and the like), a weak link in the genealogical chain of evidence, or
> error.
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