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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b - or R*?
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 12:36:01 -0400
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Dennis and a question to the List on haplogroup frequencies:

Thanks for the heads up. I've got a ton of R1b pins. :-) I'll have to
watch carefully how the assignment of new haplogroups unfolds. But I
think there will still be lots and lots of R1b folks around.

In regards to haplogroups, Ken wants me to add I1a which I will do with
the next production order. Others have even suggested I offer
haplogroups as fine as I1a1. Does anyone on list List have any other
major Y-DNA haplogroups that they think should be added keeping in mind
that supply will be a function of demand. And demand will in large part
be dependent on the frequency of occurrence of each haplogroup per 1,000
people tested. Here is the list of what I have available now. I selected
these based on the frequency of occurrence percentage information in the and databases:
R1b, R1a, C, C3, E3a, E3b, G, H, I, I1b, J, J2, N, Q, Q3, yDNA-Generic


Dennis Garvey wrote:
> As I mentioned in my earlier posting, I can't recall hearing of anyone
> on this list receiving an SNP result of R* or R1*. So what's going on
> here? Is it possible that something of this magnitude could have slipped
> through the cracks all this time?
> (Charles - you may want to get an early order into the factory for the
> R* and R1* pins!)
> Dennis Garvey

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