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From: "Dennis Garvey" <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b - or R*?
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 13:03:57 -0700

While I am also somewhat skeptical of the EDNAP results, I would like to
play Devil's Advocate for a moment and point out that the omission of P25
from most Y chromosome studies has largely left the distinction between
R*/R1* vs R1b unaddressed.

For example, someone cited Semino's 2000 study as a counter-example to the
EDNAP result. But if you look closely at the marker choices of Semino et al
you will see that both R1* (R-M173) and R1b (R-P25) would have been lumped
together in the 50% of the Germans they classified as Eu 18. There is
nothing in that result that would rule out EDNAP's result of 0% R1b and 38%
Px(R1a, R1b) in Muenster, Germany.

When I corresponded with John Butler last year, he mentioned that he thought
their 11% R* would probably turn out to be R1*. If all of EDNAP's 38%
Px(R1a,R1b) was really R1*, then Semino's study would have completely missed
that detail.

Dennis Garvey
Y-Chromosome Haplogroup Website

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