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From: Doug McDonald <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] R1b - or R*?
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 16:50:45 -0500
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Dennis Garvey wrote:
> While I am also somewhat skeptical of the EDNAP results, I would like to
> play Devil's Advocate for a moment and point out that the omission of
> P25 from most Y chromosome studies has largely left the distinction
> between R*/R1* vs R1b unaddressed.
> For example, someone cited Semino's 2000 study as a counter-example to
> the EDNAP result. But if you look closely at the marker choices of
> Semino et al you will see that both R1* (R-M173) and R1b (R-P25) would
> have been lumped together in the 50% of the Germans they classified as
> Eu 18. There is nothing in that result that would rule out EDNAP's
> result of 0% R1b and 38% Px(R1a, R1b) in Muenster, Germany.

The only thing ruling it out is a sanity check.

There is no way that Germany and points west in Europe would differ
so vastly in R1b. It just won't happen. Either one lab did not test
the appropriate marker at all and it was not reported in the paper,
or they screwed up the test conditions. If they screwed up, it
is faintly possible that Butler did too, but he or at least his
lab is supposed to be awfully experienced in this stuff.

Doug McDonald

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