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Subject: Re: [DNA] Recruiting of yDNA Participants
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 23:46:59 +0300
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Subject: Re: [DNA] Recruiting of yDNA Participants

> I think that the problem is that most Brits know where they are from,
> because they are still there. What could they gain by matching DNA with
> Americans? It would tell us from whence we came, but unless the Brits
> others from their country or other parts of Europe they would have little
> learn.
> Julia

Speaking as a born-and-bred "Brit" [I prefer to think of myself as "British"
or "English"] ... though I now live in a far-away land [Israel]... I venture
to offer a response to this question:

I know whence I came (in literal terms of where my ancestors lived during
the past few centuries...) - AND I would be delighted to connect with any
American cousins! - descendants of distant ancestors of mine who emigrated.

However, I still feel a profound longing in my soul to know my "deep
ancestry"...... who were my distant ancestors? were they "native" Celts,
Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Norsemen...........? Their "blood", their genes,
over thousands of generations, have blended and merged, generation by
generation, to form the unique being that is *ME*.
I know that my eye-colour, my physical characteristics, (and maybe my
psychological ones too...) are largely determined by my genetic inheritance.

But I also know I am a unique person..... where do I "come from"? ......
where did my remote ancestors live, how did they live, where did they move,
and why?

In my family-history research, it gives me great pleasure to discover
relatives, cousins, with the same features. ["I think you look like your
grandmother......" "You have the xxxxx chin / brow..." etc] - and also to
find supportive extended-family groups - "Come over and meet your cousins!"
I guess we all have a psychological need to connect with our "clan", our
"tribe", our extended-kinship network.....

We all need connections, to find out where we fit in to the "human race"...
For me, it's not simply a matter of determining "facts" of physical
genealogy - it's also (dare I say?) a kind of spiritual search........

Quoting the following from the Shropshire Family History Journal, Vol 25
part2, June 2004: "14th Dec 2004: Speaker Ms. Sue Laflin: "Tracing the
Preen Family with a little help from DNA" .... "Sue is a member of the SFHS
but her family research has advanced somewhat beyond the orbit of the
average family historian". So maybe that's a way to go... through local
Family History societies...

Also, as I've said before on this list, my brother and I are both having our
DNA tested through FTDNA. [If he hasn't yet returned his kit for the
37-marker test, I'll twist his arm, because I paid for it!... but I know he
shares my interest in "deep ancestry". ] So there you have some good
British DNA, searching for a project to plug in to...


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