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> Alan, you and Christopher are right, I don't know where my brain was when
> I
> wrote that email. I was so, narrowly, focused on the settling of America
> and
> have read, recently, of the overwhelming adverse conditions that the
> people
> endured, and the many who didn't survive that it was foremost in my mind.
> When the people arrived here after a trip that could take 3 months, that
> many
> had not survived on the way and they stepped off the ship with only the
> few
> belongings that they had managed to bring along. There was nothing but
> wilderness and they and had no home, or any shelter of any kind. No food
> or anything
> to cook it in. Everything had to be procured and / or built, crops
> planted,
> etc., and usually most were dead before a year had passed. The Indians
> were
> everywhere and were somewhat friendly until the new settlers were
> beginning
> to get homes built and crops in and learning how to hunt and fish and
> then
> the Indians would kill them all. Sometimes a few would escape and have to
> start
> over at a new location.
> After towns began to grow, and the land became overworked many had to
> move
> and start the entire process over again with more hostile Indians
> attacking
> them along the way.
> I know that over the centuries, the English have had more than there
> share
> of hardships, wars, sickness, etc., but in the past 400 years, the years
> of
> genealogy research, they didn't face new frontiers as did the people of
> America.
> I will try to express my thoughts more clearly in the future.
> Julia
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> writes:
> Julia,
> I was going to let this go, but your statement is so off track, i don't
> think i can.
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