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From: "Malcolm Dodd" <>
Subject: [DNA] Jefferson-Hemings DNA
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 08:41:53 +0100

Herbert Barger says
<A new book will soon be out completely rebutting this issue.
DNA did NOT prove Thomas Jefferson guilty..........I know, I assisted Dr.
Foster with the study.>

Until now I thought that all contributors to this List were well aware that
DNA cannot prove a certain male fathered a particular child - but it can do
the contrary ,i.e. eliminate a candidate as the genetic signature is
radically different.
so the statement by Mr Barger is inaccurate.

By the way I presume Mr Barger is an expert as he says he assisted a Dr
Foster with a study. Since when did experts regard fathering a child as a
crime, as indicated by the use of the word 'guilty'?

When this subject was discussed many months ago we did not have the benefit
of Whit's predictor. Unfortunately its utility is restricted in regard to
rare haplotypes through lack of data so far collected. So we should view the
result with caution until more rare haplotype data is collected.
With that caveat here is the current result on the 8 markers -
E3a E3b G I1a I1b I1c J2 N R1a R1b

Values above 50 indicate a good fit with the haplogroup. Values between 20
and 50 indicate a fair fit.
Values below 20 indicate an unlikely membership in that haplogroup.
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Malcolm Dodd

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