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Subject: New Words: -ology!
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 15:13:40 EST

In a message dated 16/12/2004 in Diana
writes: For maternal line research: "mitology" and "mitologist" or
"mitosearcher." For paternal line research: "Y-chromology" and "Y-chromologist" or
"Y-chromesearcher" -- with the Y always capitalized and pronounced "wye."

We were lumbered with the word genealogy by historical usage - yet the
'-alogy' bit refers to something which is NOT logical, NOT understandable - from
'alogos' (Greek.) Now we have a chance to put things right with new words
let us make sure they are all '-ology' - which derives from 'logos' - meaning
the 'word' or 'thought' behind everything which is reasonable and

Nice one, Diana. I like your suggested list. But I am afraid no one is
going to allow us to change to geneology - which it ought to be.


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