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Subject: RE: [DNA] R1a ?
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 01:49:04 +0000

Point of clarification. M17 tests for R1a1 (the vast majority of R1a). Dan is correct about SRY10831.2- (minus) = R1a (but not R1a1). This can all get a tad confusing.

David F.

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> David, Richard and Whit,
> When I got my original results for sry10831.2+, I enquired of Mr. Greenspan
> and the explanation he gave me was that that marker represents a reversal
> and a + on that single marker meant that I was not R1a and so I was tested
> for R , which was positive. Now they are testing for R1 and if that is
> positive will test for R1b. I also requested tests at M17 and M173 which I
> think proves out the R1 or R1b ,as advised by David , to be sure. Will
> advise list as soon as I get final results.
> Dan Jenkins

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