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Subject: Re: [DNA] Sarmatians-Alans-Ossetians
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 05:10:58 +0000


In speaking of the R1a in Pakistan the word "diversity" comes to mind. An examination of the tribal and caste populations of the country show variation from 1% (the Koya) to 31% (the Punjabi). Also there is a tremendous diversity in haplotypes, far outdistancing that seen in the Ukraine (see Kivisild et al., 2003).

In addition, Quamar et al. (2002) found that R1a could be found from zero percent in the Haraza (an outlier) to over 50% in the nearby Kashmiri (residing in the north) and 50% among the Sindhi in the southeastern part of Pakistan.

This is just a small flavor of the information on R1a in Pakistan and India.

David F.

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> Just look at haplogroup R1a, for example. There has
> been some posts today regarding the high percentage of
> R1a in Pakistan (I'd love to know exactly what that
> percentage is, if anyone happens to know). My guess
> is that blonds are fairly rare (though probably not
> non-existent) in Pakistan. On the other hand, Poles
> and Russians are frequently blond and light-skinned.
> Their R1a percentages are well over 50%.

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