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From: Charles <>
Subject: Re: [DNA] Henry Numbers
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 15:58:30 -0500
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Ann and all:

I've been rooting around some more about software which can generate
Henry Numbers automatically. I just learned that Ancestral Quest 11, the
software I use, can generate Henry Numbers. I was digging around in the
program for quite awhile and could not find how to do it. So I called
their tech support to suggest they add the feature, and lo and behold
they said they already have it. However, which I pointed out to them in
my phone call, it is not obvious as to how to do it from the current
pull down window options and help instructions. I told them they should
do a better job of showing the feature.

But here is how you do it with Ancestral Quest 11:

Click on the "Tools".

Click on "Generate ID Numbers".

Tech support then told me to check/turn-on the "Set to Ahnentafel"
function (they apparently have the Henry number generator and Ahnentafel
Number generator all in one integrated function) and check/turn-on the
"Set for All Related" function. He told me to uncheck the Condensed
button function. So I did. They don't use the phrase "Henry number" in
this window, but it does work as part of the Ahnentafel Numbering
process. It generates Ahnentafel numbers back in time from the "Root
Person" and Henry numbers forward in time from the "Root Person". In
retrospect, the key phrase in this window is the "Root Person"
reference. But it did not click with me when I was looking myself so I
did not try that last night. So for now, imo, AQ should rename that
feature in the ID numbering window to "Set to Ahnentafel/Henry Number".

Next, click on the "Search" button located within the Generate ID
Numbers window to find your "Root Person" for the process. For your
genetic genealogy project, that would be the Most Recent Common Ancestor
(MRCA) for those males tested in your Y-DNA project who are known to be
related to the MRCA and are so linked in your database. Once you have
the correct "Root Person" displayed under the Search button in the
Generate ID Numbers window, click on the "Generate" button. You will get
a warning message asking you ... are you sure you want to do this, etc.
Per chance, if you were already using the ID field for some other
non-automatically retrievable purpose, click NO, and stop. I'm not doing
that, so I can regenerate Ahnentafel Numbers, etc., again later with me
as the Root Person so I temporarily calculating Ahnentafel Numbers and
Henry Numbers from my MRCA in my database is OK. In my system I am using
ID number field in reusable manner. That may not be true for some other
users. So think a bit and check what you currently have in the ID Number
field before clicking yes. Note: The ID number field is not the Record
Number and is completely different. You can see if you currently have
anything in the ID number field by clicking on the "Edit Individual"
function and looking in the lower right hand corner of that window. If
blank now you are not using it.

I clicked YES. It then generates the Henry Numbers (and the Ahnentafel
Numbers) relative to this new "Root Person" and puts it in the ID Number
field in the records which are related. To view the generated ID
numbers, click on the Edit Individual option and you will see the Henry
Number displayed in the Lower Right Hand Corner in the ID Number field
for descendants of the "Root Person". Likewise Ahnentafel Numbers will
be in the ID number field for ancestors of the Root Person. Once you
have generated the Henry Numbers, you can then click on the various
males in the lines of descent down to each male tested, and collect the
Henry Numbers.

I suggested to Tech Support that they develop a simpler and easier
method, or an alternative method, perhaps a simple report in the reports
section, especially allowing Henry Numbers to be generated and printed
as a selectable option/or feature for the "Direct Line Descent" report
and or other Descendant type reports in the Reports section of their
program. They will look into it, I was told.

For those of you Surname Project Coordinators using Ancestral Quest 11,
give it a try. It works.

Here is my UTE Diagrammatic Example and Mutations Excel Table pages
showing Henry Number in use in my Genetic Genealogy Project.

Happy Henry Numbering. :-)

Charles Kerchner
Emmaus PA

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>>A lot of us old timer genealogists are quite familiar with it. I know
>>Ann Turner our list moderator even wrote a DOS utility years ago, which
>>I used for years.
> I haven't kept up with this. What current programs will generate a Henry
> number report from a genealogy database?
> Ann Turner - GENEALOGY-DNA List Administrator

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