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From: "Fran Akridge" <>
Subject: RE: [DNA] Value of the mtDNA Test
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 22:26:04 -0500
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Dennis Smith wrote:

In addition to the above, I have possibly three or more additional NA lines.
One additional on my mother's side and two on my father's side. The other
links would have been in the 1700s. Probably impossible for me to determine
direct female line ancestry back that far on two of these lines but I may be
able to on the other. As I understand it, even with four lines, the DNA
would have become so diluted by now that the DNAprint type tests would not
give reliable results.
While I don't believe that DNAPrint can distinguish East Asian from
Amerindian (and I am not even sure that they should be able to do so), I
would not be surprised to see you show up with a substantial amount of one
or the other. That is because mixed bloods often married mixed bloods,
meaning that the dilution would not happen nearly so rapidly as you might

Fran Goode Akridge

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