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From: "Martha" <>
Subject: Martha's group "W" results
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 13:52:27 -0600

FYI, here's some more comment concerning my recent
placement in haplotype group "W" :

I've noticed the Sephardic Jewish geneotype is supposedly
unique to Spain today, but the Ashkenazi Jewish genotype,
which FTDNA says I am a part of, is considered as populating
areas in the rest of central & western Europe. There are
other 'exact matches' to my results in their their database
that seem to confirm this.

FTDNA's comments to me also infer that I have maternal
ancestry in Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland & Bavaria, but no
actual Nordic genotype(s) are mentioned in the results so
far. I sort of assumed (you know what 3 words that breaks
down into) that the Bavaria part indicated ancient Celtic
origins. Right...wrong... does anyone know ?

Pardon my ignorance (again), but I'm now confused as to what
constitutes current 'rules' governing Group "W" categorization.
Have these 'rules' changed recently due to the addition(s)
of more specific regional "types" to the worldwide database?
Are female group types (daughters of Eve) categorized in the same
manner as male, or are new letters just assigned to them when
sub-types are found? Will there be sub-cladic types of each group
as more specific data is obtained? For instance -like Group R,
are Group W designations going to look like "1Wa1", etc. some day?


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