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From: "Malcolm Dodd" <>
Subject: DYS385a and b results in
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 20:19:06 -0000

Ken wrote,
" Someday you could probably learn whether you are a 14, 15 or 15, 14 at
pair of actual segments of ydna. This could be interesting because the
15 I1a probably descended from 14, 14 I1a. And there could have been two
varieties spinning off of DYS 385a,b = 14, 14 and today primarily
located in
different regions, the 14, 15 guys and the 15, 14 guys which right now
both showing up on our tests as the same. Knowing which of these two
you actually descend from, you could further pin point your ancient

That day is here.

I am not DYS385a - 13 DYS385b - 15 as per the certificates supplied by
three different test companies.

Thanks to the quick service of Thomas Krahn who wrote on 20th February -

"BTW: In my lab we're just establishing the DYS385 directional test. If
someone is interested he can send me a sample and I will check the
direction of the alleles for free."

I now know that I am DYS385a - 15 DYS385b - 13

No doubt those who posted from USA will have to wait another few days.
It will be interesting to see these results.

A big thank you to Thomas.

Malcolm Dodd

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