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Subject: RE: [DNA] Genealogy and DNA LIMITATIONS: Understanding exactly how tests reinforce folk ideologies.
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 20:20:07 +0000


My point was not to put a definitive haplogroup designation on Peter's haplotype, which is not possible with 10 markers and a rare happlotype, it is that you cannot "diagnose Viking" from a single marker. I really don't know, what Peter's haplogroup is. Toss it in your haplogroup predictior and see what comes out the hopper.

OA does not offer a Haplogroup Database and a haplogroup predictor as does FTDNA with even their 12 marker offering. This is one for SNP testing, but quite frankly I wouldn't know where to start so would have to approach it as a "world - wide" test in the manner that Trace Genetics does at present. I don't recall when I last saw a DYS390=22 in an R1a haplotype - yes I do, never. Do you know of any M17 SNP tested haplotypes that have emerged with DYS390=22? I have seen a 23 in Cinnioglu's paper. G2 is modal 11 at DYS392, and DYS390=22 is also modal for some of the databases here. If I was SNP testing Peter, I certainly wouldn't start with M17. Also add in Eb3 - same scenario as G2. These are both more likely than R1a but the only litmus test is more Y-STRs or a haplogroup SNP test.

David F.

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> David, if Peter's haplotype is J2, it will be the first ever (except for one
> other possible case) to be found with DYS388=12 (out of several hundred
> examined). It's possible, but very unlikely. Of course, a couple of
> Peter's values occur only at the 1% level in R1a, but at least they have
> been observed. I still believe that R1a is most likely.
> Whit
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> Peter:
> . . . Your haplotype, while needing to be confirmed by SNP testing, is very
> likely J2 not R1a (old Hg 3). The two are as different as night and day and
> not once have I ever seen a J2 DNA signature in any of the Norse colonies
> such as Orkney, Shetland, Faroes or Iceland.
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