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Subject: RE: [DNA] Dividing R1b - Look at DYS 456
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 20:27:33 +0000

I did a mini R1b Scotland, Ireland and Wales survey at one time with the results reported to the List so the info should be in the Archives. One thing that was striking was that the majority had matches (at the 8 to 12 marker level) to individuals from Spain and Portugal, however this was not the case for R1b from further east. It seemed to be a veritable Celtic - Ancient Briton indicator to have Iberian matches. I leave the interpretation to others.

David F.

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> Robert,
> By strange coincidence I had searched ybase just before reading your
> message, and we match 29/37, which is the closest I have yet found. It's a
> bit of a stretch based on a single datum, but I wonder if our match could be
> viewed as lending support to the hypothesis that the early population of the
> British Isles came from Iberia, especially since there is no question your
> lineage is from Iberia, and your other 29 and higher matches appear to be of
> English/Irish/Scot origin?
> If anyone with greater expertise than I have is interested in pursuing the
> question, my ybase ID is MSNX9, and at ysearch it is MWHJK.
> - Jim
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> >Subject: RE: [DNA] Dividing R1b - Look at DYS 456
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> >I happen to be a 24/11/13 R1b with a 17 at 456 and my roots are in Iberia
> >probably Basque.
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> >Robert Tarn
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