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Subject: Re: [DNA] 385a,b values (gum ample)
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 19:19:33 -0700
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David, Just to make it absolutely clear to everyone, when you say your
result was the "reverse of the 11, 13 value pair reported by FTDNA", your
next two sentences sentences must be remembered as part of your message.
There is no "error" being corrected; FTDNA's report was just a convention to
report the short then long segment which until Dr. Krahn's lab capability
came along was all that was measured for us consumers.

The last thing I want to be is pedantic, but I want to make sure people
don't think there is a revolutionary error in their past reports. We now
have capability of acquiring NEW knowledge --- the actual order in the
chromosome of the two numbers at DYS 385a,b (and in principle YCAIIa,b,
459a,b, .... I presume).

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Subject: [DNA] 385a,b values (gum ample)

> I have just received word from Thomas Krahn of biotix that my 385a,b
> readings are as follows:
> 385a = 13
> 385b = 11
> Consistent with the Kittler paper and my expectations, this is the reverse
> of the 11,13 value pair reported by FTDNA. At the time of my original
> FTDNA did not attempt to assess "directionality," to use the term that I
> believe Thomas employed last week. Instead, FTDNA simply reported the
> values in low-high order, as they appear to do in all haplotypes.
> I have not been SNP tested, but I have no doubt that I am R1b -- and
> specifically a member of the 25/11/14 variety.
> I express my appreciation to Thomas and his lab for this speedy, generous
> and informative assessment of an interesting locus. And I particularly
> appreciate his good humor in noting that he was sending the information
> "from the future," inasmuch as I received on March 1 the determination
> he did not distribute until tomorrow.
> David Wilson
> Wilson Surname Project Co-administrator
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