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Subject: Re: [DNA] Re: Paris - R* and Haplogroup Testing
Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 21:53:44 +0000


You will have to be more specific by what you mean by "they". Trace Genetics only does a broad general "world - wide" SNP test of basic markers. FTDNA will only test certain markers such as P25. Thus they do not test for the downstream M269 or the nine markers known to exist below M269. As to R1a, they used to test SRY10831.2 (R1a) although I and others have repeatedly noted that M17 is a more useful marker (R1a1). They may now be using this marker (M17) but I have yet to see anyone with M17 results. They have no plans I know of to change the status quo. They have indicated that they may offer a super I haplogroup test (which is why others have decided to hold off on developing this "multi - clade" type of testing for haplogroup I). There will soon be many more options for haplogroup testing.

David F.

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> I have a question.. it's fairly apparent that I have
> an R1b and an R1a(1) .. if they get snp tested do they
> go down a chain until they get a negative or do they
> just test to r1a type level? I'm confused as to what
> they do for the snp type test. I know that m207, etc.
> is what they test for just wondered how far down the
> path they go.

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